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Most Anticipated Games of 2016

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Most Anticipated Games of 2016

XCOM 2 -
Here we have a game that is coming out really soon, XCOM 2 - the sequel to the 2012 turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Set 20 years later it seems mankind has lost the war, and now alien control the earth.
With some humans collaborating with our otherworldly overloads through the puppet government ADVENT, opinion has begun to turn and now many believe that the invaders came in peace – with the XCOM group attacking first. You know the truth however, and taking control of The Avenger – a mobile XCOM command base - you can build your forces, strike back, free humanity, and reclaim the earth.
The same fantastic turn-based gameplay is set to return, only with a health injection of speed to keep the pace up as fight your way through the enemy’s ranks. You will have to face veteran forces like the grey-psionic Sectoids and tall human-like Thin Man, while also learning how to tackle new foes such as the Viper.
With the story always having been secondary to the procedurally-generated, strategic action, it is hard to imagine just how much XCOM2 will really add– but I for one am excited to see just what the Firaxis team come up with in the last 3 years.

Mafia 3
Even when the Mafia franchise was fresh, I never paid it much attention – but that all changed when Mafia 3 was announced last year’s E3.
If you haven’t seen the trailer, it is a chilling monologue delivered by Lincoln Clay - the game´s protagonist. He talks about the struggles of growing up as a mixed race child in the 50s, about acceptance, and the true meaning of family. But he isn’t some Italian-American mobster, he is a Vietnam Vet who was part of a Black gang in New Orleans until the Mob killed everything he loved. Now Clay is out for revenge, and he will be refusing any offer they try and make.
The open-world gameplay promises to offer you the freedom to explore the unique city of New Orleans and the surrounding bayou as you prepare to overthrow the Italian family’s grip on your home. Expect to drive around in plenty of period appropriate flivvers and make use of lots of cover as your fire off your heaters at all who stand in your way… though apparently stealth will also be an option.
Moving the classic gangster action of 50’s New York and Chicago to 60 New Orleans is an interesting move – but also one that allows the developer to experiment with America during a cultural revolution. We can’t be sure it will pay off, but at least we can be sure the music will be fantastic.

Deus Ex – Mankind Divided
It is hard not to be excited at the prospect of revisiting Deus Ex´s dystopian future, and that is exactly what Deus Ex: Mankind Divided promises. Like the last installment, Human Revolution, this new game follows cybernetically augmented Adam Jensen.
While Human Revolution dealt with Adam’s own emotional and physical discomfort at his forced augmentation, Mankind Divided is set to deal with societies struggle to accept the ever increasing number of augmented people into their midst. A situation Adam must deal with directly in his new role as covert anti-terrorist operative… while also trying to decide whose side he is really on.
And he will have a lot to deal with. In the two years since the last game, the augments have become understandably disenfranchised by their persecution at the hands of society and governments. This has resulted in an extremist movement that sees terrorism as their only recourse.
Luckily, in his new role, Adam will have access to loads of new powers and equipment to acquire and upgrade through the game. This includes a gun that looks almost as customizable as Adam himself, and a nano-machine shell that can construct itself to protect him from harm.
This has been a mixed blessing. The new abilities have allowed for some exciting cover based shoot outs in trailers – but have created a worrying focus on action. But, we hold out hope that Mankind Divided will offer the same amount of RPG style choice in how to deal situations as the previous game – and not just turn the franchise in to a shooter.

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